You will be prescribed five tables of Valium 5 mg.  Please take two tablets before you go to bed the night before your appointment.  This is a loading dose.  The second dose of three tablets should be taken one hour before your scheduled appointment in the morning.

Please do not have any caffeing (coffee, tea, soda), alcohol, or any recreational drugs (marijuana, methamphetamines) the day before and the morning of your appointment.  Please do not eat breakfast before your appointment unless you are a diabetic.  If you are diabetic, please eat a light breakfast like toast.  The anesthetic works better when you have no alcohol or caffeine in your system.  If you are taking any prescribed medications, please take them with water.

You will need to have a ride to and from your dental appointment as you will be unable to drive.  They can drop you off for your appointment and we can call them to pick you up when you are almost done.

  • Take two tablets of Valium before going to bed (night before procedure).
  • Take three tables of Valium one hour before your scheduled appointment.
  • DO NOT have any alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs the day before and day of procedure.
  • DO NOT eat any breakfast (unless diabetic … see above).
  • Have someone drive you to and from your scheduled appointment.