In office Teeth Whitening


After your in-office treatment, you will need to follow post-operative instructions to ensure your teeth reach their whitest potential. For the following week, your teeth will continue to whiten and eventually stabilize.

  • Refrain from consuming food and beverages (wine, coffee, etc) and tobacco products that could stain your teeth for 2 weeks.
  • Sensitivity is normal. Should this occur, use a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate to help reduce sensitivity (ie. Sensodyne or Proenamel).
  • Apply Vaseline on any white patches on the gumline or on areas experiencing temporary discomfort (gums, lips, tongue).
  • Practice good oral hygiene and have your teeth professionally cleaned regularly to maintain a healthy smile.
  • Coffee, tobacco, tea, wine, and other “staining” products can restain your teeth over time. If so, have your teeth professionally cleaned and use your whitening trays to touch-up your teeth (instructions on back).

If symptoms are severe or persistent, please call our office immediately.