New Crown

  1. Although this is a semi-permanent solution to your issue, remember this is NOT original tooth structure.  You will need to be cautious with your crown.  Staying away from hard foods (i.e., ice, whole nuts, hard candy, grape nuts) will help prolong the use of your new crown.
  2. If this is a front tooth, DO NOT use it as a tool (i.e., tearing open packages).  These are for esthetic purposes only.  When eating foods like apples or pears, you will need to slice them up first and chew with your back teeth.
  3. No matter what, there is still tooth structure underneath your crown along the gum line.  It is extremely vital that you keep this area of your tooth/teeth clean.  You are still susceptible to decay in this area.  Using a Waterpik and Sonicare are highly recommended.
  4. Under black light, your crown may appear like it is missing or blocked out.  This type of lighting is frequently found in bars and nightclubs.
  5. If cold sensitivity persists after too weeks, please call for an adjustment.  It is common to experience cold sensitivity for a limited time as you are likely numb during the crown’s cementation.  A simple bite adjustment could eliminate your discomfort in a short visit.  If you allow the pain to persist longer than two weeks, you run a high risk of possibly killing the tooth, fracturing the crown, or worse, fracturing the tooth underneath.