1. Remove your nightguard from your mouth and rinse it out with cold water.  Do not use hot/warm water.  Your nightguard is temperature-sensitive.
  2. Place your nightguard in a glass cup with cold water.  DO NOT USE DENTURE TABLETS. Set aside.


  1. Rinse out your mouth, brush, and floss.
  2. Take your nightguard out of the glass cup.
  3. Clean your nightguard by rinsing with cold water.  If there is any debris, just brush off with a wet, extra soft toothbrush.
  4. Rinse with cold water.  Place snugly inside your mouth before going to bed.


  1. When traveling, always keep the nightguard in a ZipLok bag with about 5 cc (1 tbsp) of cold water.  This helps keep moisture in your nightguard.
  2. Never leave your nightguard to dry out.  If it isn’t in your mouth, it should be in cold water.
  3. Never leave it in a car especially on hot summer days.
  4. Be careful of pets.  They love chewing on nightguards.
  5. Bring your nightguard with you during your regular hygiene appointments.  We will professionally clean it for you.
  6. If your nightguard feels tight, run under warm water for ten seconds and then place into your mouth.